How to Extend WIFI Range in House or Boost WiFi Signal

How to extend wifi range

As we accumulate all of the latest and greatest wireless devices on the market today, high-speed consistent WiFi coverage throughout the home is more important than ever. Many families rely on WiFi routers provided by their internet service providers (ISPs). Some households upgrade to more powerful, cutting-edge WiFi routers with all the bells and whistles. While these new, high-end routers improve speed, they may not provide complete whole-home WiFi coverage.

Can I Use Two Routers To Extend Wireless Range

How to extend WiFi range using two routers

Even the most powerful WiFi routers lack the transmission power to service large households. The signal weakens with walls, metal objects, and simple distance until it begins to affect speed and performance. A second router, usually an old one, can be used as an extender or repeater to extend the reach of your WiFi coverage.